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Manuscript Score (Chueca)
From La corría de toros (1902)

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A page of manuscript, of the Terceto de los maletas, showing how swiftly and clearly Chueca worked, the simplicity of his style, and how much he left to his arrangers.


El chaleco blanco

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This beautiful fan was made a souvenir to commemorate Chueca's evergreen popular zarzuela El chaleco blanco. Click on the graphic to see a full-scale version of the fan, from the collection of Cynthia Fendel, which appears here by her kind permission. Cynthia hosts an attractive site, which can be visited at


Maestros of the Zarzuela

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set 1

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set 2

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set 3

The three sets of stamps issued in the Maestros de la zarzuela series. The first set shows Caballero and a scene from Gigantes y cabezudos, Vives and Maruxa, Bretón and La verbena de la Paloma.

The second, Alonso and La parranda, Guerrero and La rosa del azafrán, Guridi and El caserío.

The third, Luna and El niño judio, Chapí and La revoltosa, Serrano and La reina mora.

The images are by kind courtesy of Paul van Ouden (sets 1 and 2) whose site has an unmatched gallery of stamps relating to music and opera. Set 3 has kindly been prepared by Richard Cavaler.

The references are Scott's #2284-2289, #2319-2324, and #2378-83.

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