Second Life - Zarzuela!

Zarzuela on Second Life
28 February 2010 - 3:00PM SLT/PST

from the Metaverse TV Press Release:

"A live talk illustrated by music machinima and dance taking place in Second Life. Harumi Whiteberry, RL expert Christopher Webber is an entertaining and erudite speaker, and if you are familiar with Zarzuela you will enjoy it and if you are not familiar with this music form you will be very informed!"

Second Life - Zarzuela!As far as we can tell, this is the first Global Lecture on Zarzuela to be presented, available in all countries in the virtual world of Second Life, but also streamed live (thence available to watch at leisure) on the Metaverse TV website.

The composers represented in this hour-long lecture by recorded excerpts from their most popular zarzuelas include Hildalgo from the 17th century; Chueca, Barbieri, Fernández Caballero, Chapí and Bretón from the 19th century repertoire; and Lleó, Serrano, Vives, Alonso and Sorozábal from the 20th.

Harumi WhiteberryThe presenter within Second Life is Harumi Whiteberry, better-known perhaps in his First Life incarnation, as Christopher Webber, London Editor of, and a leading English-language authority on Spanish lyric theatre. Harumi will be making his live-talk debut on Sunday 28th February at 3pm Pacific Time (that's midnight European and 11pm British Standard Time) but is looking forward tremendously to the privileged challenge of presenting this marvellous music, being heard for the first time globally, in Second Life for Metaverse TV.

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