Pablo Sorozabal Serrano

Pablo Sorozábal Serrano

(13th November 1934—
6th September 2007)

Few births have been better timed than that of Pablo Sorozábal Serrano, whose death in the family’s Madrid home has been announced. The only son of the Basque-Madrileño composer Pablo Sorozábal and his wife, the popular mezzo-soprano tiple Enriqueta Serrano, Pablo hijo came onto the world-stage the same evening as La del manojo de rosas enjoyed its triumphant premiere at the nearby Teatro Fuencarral. Naturally, his father dedicated the score to his infant son.

Like many sons of famous fathers, Pablo hijo was talented enough to consider making his living from music, but not fortunate enough to emerge fully from that father’s shadow. He will be remembered, though, as the associate composer of Sorozábal’s last zarzuela Las de Caín; a role he also fulfilled with his father’s adaptation of Barbieri’s Pan y toros. After the older composer’s death in 1988 his son became increasingly reclusive; more recently a serious heart condition limited his active participation in public life further.

With his passing another link with the great days of the romantic zarzuela is broken.

Pablo Sorozabal, Lola Rodriguez Aragon, Pablo Sorozabal hijo
Pablo Sorozábal Serrano (right), with his father
and soprano Lola Rodriguez Aragon

CW, 10/IX/2007

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