Dr Sullivan - cover

ISBN 1 902819 00 4
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Couthurst Press

Love it or loathe it, Gilbert and Sullivan is one of the most enduring of British institutions.

The recent emergence of his secret diaries has cast more light on Sullivan’s life and loves, and this play sets out to explore his personality, rather than stick simply to the more familiar “G & S” story. The play is not to be trusted as history, and some of it is frankly scurrilous. However, the central matter of Sullivan’s life and loves is drawn from contemporary letters, conversations and recorded accounts, and is as true as the author can make it.

“An exhilarating Victorian opium dream, deepening as it spirals downwards” (The Herald)

“remarkable fun fantasy romp” (Daily Express)

“I wasn't prepared for an evening of this quality. Christopher Webber's highly sophisticated tapestry of Victorian manners, Hollywood composer-biopic, slapstick comedy and Amadeus-style high drama is one of the most theatrically satisfying oddballs I've seen in a long time.” (The Scotsman)

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